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Readmaster Plus

Readmaster Plus is a computer program designed to increase a student’s proficiency in reading and comprehension, typing, spelling, and basic arithmetic. Readmaster Plus offers four distinct computer software programs: Readmaster®, Typemaster®, Math Builder®, and Word Builder.

This DVD program is designed for English-speaking adults and students 9 years of age and up, who have never learned to read or who need remediation. The course will help improve their phonetic reading skills and develop writing skills.



Readmaster Plus is an educational software suite that enhances students’ educational experiences while challenging their learning. Readmaster Plus offers four distinct computer software programs:

Readmaster® improves reading rate and comprehension skills for Levels 1–12.

Typemaster® teaches computer keyboard skills for Levels 1–6.

Math Builder® provides drill and practice in math concepts for Levels 1–6.

Word Builder improves spelling, word usage, and pronunciation for Levels 2–8.


DVD courses help high-school students visualize the concepts found in their PACEs with personalized instruction, visual and auditory stimulation, character illustrations, and lab experiments (for subjects Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Spanish).