Who We are

Mission Statement

The Mission of Good Shepherd Academy is to provide quality education to diverse population of multicultural students in a safe positive, nurturing, challenging environment.

So they can be self reliant, peaceful problem solving citizen in a global community


Good Shepherd Academy is an extension of the ministry of Good Shepherd Missionary Church. The school exists to provide a quality Christian education through the teaching of a complete basic curriculum and the Christian faith.
Good Shepherd Academy believes that God has made us His children and heirs through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus-Christ. As heirs of God we are now free to live new lives in Christ.. The school exists to describe and demonstrate this new life in Christ to the students, parents, and community we serve. We believe that God’s word, the bible, is the guideline for sharing what new life in Christ means to those that we serve.


The motto of Good Shepherd Academy is “Learning with God’s Love and Compassion”
Mission Statement of Good Shepherd Academy
Good Shepherd Academy encourages academic excellence and a strong foundation in Christian Faith through teaching and nurturing in partnership with students, staff, parents and community.”


  • We believe little children should grow in love and faith in their Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that every child is important and nees to feel that he has God-given worth as a person.
  • We believe that each child should be able to progress at his/her own pace to produce quality work at his of her individual achievement level.
  • We believe that the Christian environment is an important factor in the learning process.
  • We believe that the parents should be involved in the educational program of the child.